Board Members

Dale Manson , Chairperson

Current occupation and title:

Rural & Regional Consultant

Background history with youth:

Worked as an agricultural consultant with the SA Government across rural and regional areas of the State for 34 years, providing vocational training and advisory services to young primary producers employed in livestock industries, this included training courses for the TAFE “On Farm Training Scheme” and the Australian Wool Corporation’s “Shearing Shed Management Courses” (incorporating wool classing, shed handing and shearer training).

I am also involved as a Director of the Rotary Club of Mobilong which provides leadership and vocational skills training for youth.

My role on the Board:

Role on the Board is to provide a broad perspective of rural and regional needs in the area of change management.

Role is also to provide School and Beyond with access to my networks in the University and tertiary training sectors.

What I contribute to the Board:

Contribution to the Board includes ensuring proper governance protocols are followed and provide guidance to the organisation so that its operation reflects the genuine needs of communities in rural and regional areas.

Where I see Education and Youth in the future:

There will be an integration of University education into regional areas, providing remote and isolated students with access to high level education opportunities previously considered out of reach.  This includes the expansion of mentoring services to ensure the unique needs of regionally located students and trainees are catered for.

Youth will continue to drive their training needs analysis processes, ensuring the delivery of relevant and forward thinking vocational education.