Chaffey Learning Exchange

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Shifting Regional Education into gear

The Chaffey Learning Exchange puts education 'front and centre' to help shift the Murraylands and Riverland into top gear.

Together with our partners, we are:

  • Setting up co-learning hubs to support people studying online
  • Creating new agri-skills curriculum in schools
  • Setting up a food production research hub
  • Simplifying work and study pathways
  • Activating exciting learning spaces
  • Positioning regional education internationally
  • Holding ideas workshops, innovation forums
  • Connecting entrepreneurs to spark new ideas
We're activating and supporting learning, helping you to stay in touch with your community so you have:
  • local support with CLX Facilitators
  • practical experience from local businesses, and 
  • opportunities to continue your education at home
  • with better local career options

CLX Will support any course from any provider! We know the systems!


The Chaffey Learning Exchange concept was developed in the Riverland in 2007 to assist post-secondary study via emerging online systems. The project failed to raise sufficient funds to proceed in a period where technology was less advanced.
The project was reignited in 2013 during consultations to support the Riverland Strategic Implementation Plan developed by School and Beyond Inc. Research undertaken to establish attrition levels of rural students at University supported the need to develop new ways for country students to remain at home in the early years of University study. Supported online study was recognized as a mechanism by which rural students could maintain economic and social support during the introductory years.

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